Cooler Brackets Mounts For Polaris RZR 1000XP RZR XP Turbo Ozark 26 Cooler

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Product Overview


Aftermarket 100% Brand New

Material: Iron

Color: Black

Size: 5.7" * 4.8"

Quantity: 2PCS 


1.Easy installation,the brackets can holds the cooler box securely.

2.The brackets design allows you to open the cooler with mounting brackets in place.

3.The brackets sold in high quality iron,have durable powder coating,which will not easy to rust,deform and have a long life.

4.This new design is also unique,matte texture,have a different image.

5.The brackets can keep your cooler safe and secure.The cooler box will not roll over during driving.Keep your food,drink and refreshments safe.

6.Cooler holders Compatible with RZR 1000XP and XP TURBO, will not work with TURBO -S. 

7.Note: DOES NOT Compatible with the new 2021 Ozark Trail Cooler, they have changed it, so if your cooler has a drain hole, then this cooler mount will NOT fit.


Note: DO NOT Compatible with 2021 Polaris RZR XP / XP 1000Please make sure that the hole distance of your cooler is 3.4" before buying.



Compatible with Polaris RZR 1000XP and XP TURBO Ozark 26 Quart Cooler 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review