Your first blog post!

22nd Aug 2021

Your first blog post!

Good Afternoon Everyone!

I am just writing a little post to give you some information about my self, my fiancé and our business!

We started this business in July 2020 after a struggle with a previous employer and decided, we no longer wanted to be tied down to someone else. Your supposed to Work to Live not live to work, correct? We have been highly active in the Off-roading community for 3 years now and couldn't imagine a better way to raise our kids or spend time with them. We have 4 children who absolutely love ridding. We have introduced them to it all at young age, our daughter Chloe started when she was about 13 months old, our son Logan was 3, Sean was 8 and Rhylee was about 9. They cant imagine any other way to spend their weekends then at the campground riding, swimming, or making a bonfire.

As an off-roading enthusiast we noticed that when we went riding there are always two guarantee's when out on the trails. 1st is something is GOING to break 2nd there is never anyone around with parts. We would leave our rides and think man, if only we had "...." they could have finished riding, and that's when it came to us! Lets start a mobile parts store! 

So, everywhere we go, we have a box trailer behind us filled with all the parts & accessories that you need to get you back to what you love.